Tree of Life: A Performance Event

On June 20, 2019, I carried out the creation of this thing I call Tree of Life (TM). On the floor of the Modern Dance Studio at UCSB I laid out my entire cereal box collection, some 2300 boxes, with the assistance of my daughters Ruthie and Eva. Many people took pictures of the performance and its final product, and I am showing several of them here.

(First, have a look at this amazing time-lapse made by mark Moskowitz:

These were taken by the filmmaker Mark Moskowitz:

These were taken by Maury Lord:

This publicity photo was taken by Matt Perko:

This was taken by Leo Cabranes-Grant:

Taken by my friend and colleague Leo Cabranes-Grant

An excellent photo, taken by Paul Wellman, accompanies the article in the Santa Barbara Independent, with outstanding article by Charles Donelan:

The Santa Barbara News-Press also did an article--page 1. Here is a link, but the story is behind a paywall. Sadly.

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