Shakti Uncle Wiggily

What is a "wig," and why is it so funny? Our dog "Wiglaf" (from Beowulf) wears his grizzled muzzle with a grin, and it is as if he understands what it means to "wig out"; to "wiggle out"; to Uncle Wiggily out.

My wife Wendy wiles away her mornings doing yoga.

We all nap in the afternoon. That's healthy, right?

Our childish approach to age is Uncle Wiggily's.

Howard R. Garis's character, who was a favorite when I was a kid, was always gamboling.

Big feet flying.

His clothes were natty.

His pose was in midair. 

He carried a stick.

He told me of the joys of getting old.

And stiff.

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