Raggedy Ann and Ayn Rand: The Lonely Ones

Posted by William Davies King on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

This one was at first going to be just a two-way combo--Raggedy Ann and Ayn Rand = Raggedy Ayn.

The Ayn Rand Omnibus ( = Ayn-us) followed on someone's movie about her, and it was loaded with pix of her.

At all ages.

On all sorts of occasions.

Looking always Ayn.

Like she had been drawn, a character--raggedy.

Happy with herself, like Ann. (Andy too.)


Mr. Johnny Gruelle put them in many a strange situation--

This one with a Paper Dragon, but just not enough glue to hold the bibliolage together.

So I turned to William Steig, one of his best: The Lonely Ones. From 1941.

And that just caught the mood.


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