Post-Modern Prairie Schoolhouse

Posted by William Davies King on Sunday, August 7, 2016.

Bibliolage is an art of filling, so what I look for is an emptiness, a capable space. When I saw The Prairie Schoolhouse, I knew where to go--that vastness.

It was an answer to my prayer--ies.

Fill 'er up, fella.

Next question, always: With what? A year passed, and no answer.

Then, one day, my wife, who is somewhat more reserved in ownership than I am (compare pond and ocean), came to the decision that a pile of books that had sat atop one of our bookcases, could be . . . released. Donated, dumped, repurposed?

Included among these books, an "art book" about post-modernism. It came in handy to show her students some images of p-mod architecture and painting.

That was before the Internet came along to offer her a vast supply of pictures at the click of a mouse.

So this became my opportunity to venture into biblio-architecturalage--schoolhouses adapted to the post-M and prairie populated with art models.

Incidentally, I did complete another bibliolage this summer--Indians of the Heidi. Have a look.

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