Norman Rockwell: The Faith of the Soviet Image

Posted by William Davies King on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

A large volume of photographs from the TASS archives made it clear to me that this summer would be spent cutting up the Soviet Union. Then I found a book on "the purge" and more on the verge that crossed my youth--"missile" was a word I learned in second grade.

All I needed was a place to lie my parings.

I spent an afternoon in a Ventura book barn looking for a repository.

At last I selected an especially unctuous book on Norman Rockwell, put together by Guideposts, subtitled Faith in America.

I remember there was always a stack of Guideposts magazine in my grandparents's w.c., something to pass the . . .


time. And my grandfather once published a little article in its pages.

They specialized in miracles.


Limbs repaired.

Souls in revolution.


Ideology redeemed.



But there was more than a touch of Stalin behind the apple cheeks of Rockwell's America.

And there is more of this bibliolage on The Creaky Shelf.