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Posted by William Davies King on Monday, August 11, 2014.

When I created this website two and a half years ago I needed to be sparing in my supply of images because I was employing a (patient) other to do the work of scanning selected images from the bibliolages then take all the steps to get them posted here. I was putting off the day of learning how to do this myself--but not forever. I learned, and since then I have added about twenty-five bibliolages all by myself.

It turns out not to be as difficult as I feared. It's kind of fun, in fact.

So it occurred to me to go back to some of the original books I put up and add some more images. Such as the above, all from William Wegman's ABC: Red Army Uniforms of World War II.


I also augmented Keaton Capote, which brings Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory with Diane Keaton's edition of tabloid newspaper photos, and Many Are Called People (Walker Evans candids + People magazine celebs + Andy Warhol words), and Bathrooms of Belief:

And Light Years Die Welt:

One of my earliest bibliolages was an illustrated 19th c. Bible with American bumpkins, and then I returned to that sort of combination with an illustrated German book on the Holy Lands. Out of some kind of dream I found the title Wo Ist Der Heiliger Geist?

Another volume that was underimaged was The Real Mother Goose Sex Book, which stretched the limit of decency:

More (More) to be found on The Creaky Shelf where thirty-six bibliolages now reside. Or thirty-seven, depending on how you count. One book I did twice--see the next blog entry for that story.


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