Maximalist Interior Body Shots

Posted by William Davies King on Saturday, July 4, 2015.

Maximalism seems to be an aesthetic of allowed clutter, which is like a howdy-do to me. Interior designers are usually more inclined to want the I-just-threw-everything-in-the-closet-this-morning-before-the-photographer-arrived look. So this book of decorator self-love (self-abuse) comes at you from a different angle, and I like it--love/abuse.


Enough to contribute.

Each chapterette is a house I have visited, with such an army of images as

Burne-Jones post-raphaelite

clown coulrophobia

Leonardo Da Vinci Da Vidi Da Veni

Luis Royo luridness

Pompeian porn

Expressionist pressions

Degas galore

Vermeer atmosphermeer

tai chi teachers

and much else besides--muchness being the point.


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