Marvel US Place


This one began with a gift and turned into a graft--characters from the Marvel universe settled onto gritty urban scenes, product of Ms. Madoko Takagi.

Marvel characters fly out or up or forward, and that is a way to go in cities. My in-laws Scott and Susan found a sumptuous reference book of the marvel-ous, and they knew it should be mine (to cut). Curiously, Madoko Takagi's book was published in Tucson, which is where Scott and Susan live, decidedly away from the city.

Characters settle well in these urban scenes. Or out.

The photographer left broad blank pages, the better to highlight her pix, but I have a tendency to fill, and so I got other fine art photos from an exhibition catalogue. Curiously, this catalogue was published in Santa Barbara, which is where I live, decidedly away from the city.

More of this stuff on the Creaky Shelf.



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