Little Merry Road Trips de la Biblia

Posted by William Davies King on Friday, May 3, 2013.

I don't know this photographer (Timothy Hearsum), but he has driven through Santa Barbara, as I see from his book of panoramic photos, and his book Road Trips was published in Santa Barbara.

lmrt--title page

I decided to hitchhike along, occupying the wide-openness with my busybody language, spoken with three children's books.

lmrt--Route 90--Hunting Protester, near Paradox, Colorado

One was Little Merry Story Book, from before 1900. It required the most delicate cutting, as the pages were severely browned and brittle. The scissors seemed to crumble the paper as much as cut it. But the paper took up the Elmer's glue beautifully and seemed to regain strength in the process.

lmrt--Route 136--city swimming pool, Keeler, Colorado

One was Eight Little Indians, from the 1930s, gorgeously colored bits of myth-making about Native American children, filtered through the imagination of someone who probably didn't know any better.

lmrt--Route 445--stoned billboard, near Reno, Nevada

One was Las Bellas Historias de la Biblia, Volume 1, part of a multi-volume series of Bible stories told in Spanish.

lmrt--Route 395--Mono Lake, near Lee Vining, California

As the photos were panoramic, I had to pan-and-scan to get the whole image.

lmrt--Roy's Ranch, near King City, California

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