Full Moon Dancing

Posted by William Davies King on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Lunacy! Several moons have passed since I finished this bibliolage, but I have not gotten around to showing it.

As many of you know, I am a professor of Theater and Dance. That is what I am called because I teach in the Department of Theater and Dance. 

But of dance I do little. I like the music. I play the music--gavotte, capriccio, rag. 

But on my toes I know my awkwar-


My clum-



Maybe on the moon I'd be light enough

with no one to watch.

So I had the book about the moon exploration, from blast off to ionosphere to eagle-has-landed

to giant mankind-step, Rover in the Sea of Tranquility

to Roger, Houston ("Don't screw the pooch!") to splashdown on the Mother.

And my colleagues' retirement discards and some junkshop ballroom guides and old ABT calendars

gave me Dance--contract and release--

to put on the bright side of the moon, forever.

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