The Commedia dell'Arte of Andrew Wyeth

Posted by William Davies King on Friday, August 9, 2013.
commedia of andrew wyeth cover

Bibliolage is a performance--impromptu, self-interested, of rags and patches.

Arlecchino would know the score, and give a kick.

American art reclines on a field of sepia tone. How many tubes of burnt umber did Andrew milk forth?.

Along comes scissors and glue--right now I'm loving a pair of Allex slims and always Elmer's.

It's worth the gambol.

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Adhesive choice

Don't tell me you use ELMER'S! In my days of doing such things (in the context of music copywork before the era of computers) I used a hand waxer. Wax is the superior choice in so many ways; the first few years I used rubber cement (horrors) which ages badly and discolors the paper. Wax allows temporary placement, easy adjustment, and then when the position is permanent, I use a transparent plastic sheet and an ice scraper to press it on firmly.

Interesting. But what's wrong

Interesting. But what's wrong with Elmer's? In a couple of books I used an "archival glue," but the surface stayed tacky, making the pages lightly stick together. Elmer's dries quickly, evenly, cleans up well--oh, it's Elmer's, EL-MER's, Elmer's every time! Da doo doo.

Wyeth meets the players

Really like these comic performers weaving their way through Wyeth's blowing curtains, and so nice of them to liven up Christina's world. How many tubes of raw umber did Andrew milk forth? That is the question! Nice work, wonderful core concept!

Thanks, J!

Thanks, J!