The Art of the FAR OUT East

Posted by William Davies King on Thursday, September 22, 2016.



The books I keep in store for this process of bibliolagic transformation are many, and I shelve them by size--saves space. Big books with big books. Little with little.

So books totally unlike each other might stand side by side for years, then go to their tasks when called.

The two that form the core of this creation coexisted in that proximity for years, similarly tall (ca. fourteen inches) and slim, like The New Yorker right after Christmas.

They both had numbers in the subtitle (...16 Plates in Color from the Work of Old Chinese and Japanese Masters AND 69 ...Blackout Posters), and they both had been around for years.

Time to serve. The result, though, is a bibliolage too big for my scanner to capture, so you'll have to trust me beyond the margins.

Far out!!

...16 Plates is one of those de luxe volumes (printed in Switzerland) that has a blank page on the verso. Thus, lotsa space, and I needed more Orientalia to balance my ample ultraviolet poster.

I also had the Torii masters for a theatrical touch.

The rest was music--and glue. More on the Creaky Shelf.

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