Vlaminck Dinosaurs

Books Ruined

Vlaminck by Pierre Mac Orlan, translated by J. B. Sidgwick (NY: Universe Books, 1958)

The Prehistoric World of the Dinosaur by Dr. David Norman (NY: Gallery Books, 1988)

The World of Dinosaurs by L.B. Halstead (NY: Banner Press, 1975)

9.75" x 12"
"Little in the dour, somber tones of these pictures indicates that Vlaminck first made his mark as a member of the Fauves, the 'wild beasts' whose savagely colored canvases so shocked Paris at the Salon d'Automne in 1905"--"Fleeting Fauve," Time, May 24, 1968
"Milk will perhaps be manufactured from the old feet of discarded footstools, and fine furniture by submitting milk to undignified processes." --Pierre Mac Orlan, p. 34
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