Sick Kitsch: More Than the Body in Question

9.6" x 11.3"
The Kitsch Painter should not be judged on national, racial or religious grounds in his depiction of life-- but on the basis of timeless qualities. The Kitsch Painter is not protected by the time in which he lives. He strives to represent history's most sublime qualities, and should be judged in accordance with these. A work of Kitsch is either good or bad, and good Kitsch must not be classified as Art. This would be an error of judgment. Kitsch is not Art. Kitsch refers to the sensual and the timeless. The Kitsch Painter is committed to the eternal: Love, death, and the sunrise. Innovation is of no importance, nor is originality. Going in depth is the goal, for in the depiction of nature itself lies the individual expression. Because Modernism and Art are the same, Kitsch is the savior of talent and devotion. --Odd Nerdrum, Kitsch--The Difficult Path (23)
A Kitsch person's intention is to create a masterpiece. (289)
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