Pun Chaos Pun Couture

Books Ruined

Punk: Chaos to Couture by Andrew Bolton, with Richard Hell, John Lydon, and Jon Savage (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013)

Those Fascinating Paper Dolls: An Illustrated Handbook for Collectors by Marian B. Howard (New York: Dover Publications, 1981)

Raw Creation: Outsider Art and Beyond by John Maizels, with an introduction by Roger Cardinal (London: Phaidon Press, 1996)

The Marcel Marceau Counting Book by George Mendoza, photographed by Milton H. Greene (New York: Doubleday & Company, 1971)

Lettie's family paper dolls--from collection of Kate Doordan Klavan

Wallpaper samples from Columbia Wallpaper Co., 1927

Dolls: Victoria & Albert Museum (London: Her Majesty's Stationery office, 1969)

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