Hummel Faust (At War)

Books Ruined

Faust: A Tragedy, the First Part by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in a modern translation by Alice Raphael, with designs by Rene Clarke (NY: The Limited Editions Club, 1932)--signed and numbered by Rene Clarke

Hummel: The Comple Collector's Guide and Illustrated Reference by Eric Ehrmann, photography by Seymour Linden, special contributor Robert L. Miller, special consultant Louise Schaub Witt (Huntington, NY: Portfolio Press Corp., 1976)

Swastika at War: A Photographic Record of the War in Europe as Seen by the Cameramen of the German Magazine Signal, pictures selected by Robert Hunt, text by Tom Hartman (NY: Doubleday & Company, 1975)

9.7" x 12.4
MANAGER You two who often stood by me In days of trouble and of need, Tell me, whether in Germany Our undertaking will succeed? (3)
FAUST Dear child! MARGARETE It makes me miserable to see That you are in such company! FAUST How so? MARGARETE That man who goes about with you, I hate with all my heart and soul! In all my life, I never knew Anything could hurt meas a glance From his forbidding countenance. (82)
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