Human Anatomy in the Romantic Style

human anatomy in the romantic style--cover
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In the Romantic Style: Creating Intimacy, Fantasy and Charm in the Contemporary Home by Linda Chase and Laura Cerwinske (New York: Thames and Hudson, 1990)

Human Anatomy: A Visual History from the Renaissance to the Digital Age by Benjamin A. Rifkin, Michael J. Ackerman, and Judith Folkenberg (New York: Abrams, 2006)

The Illustrations from the Works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels by J. B. deC. M. Saunders and Charles D. O'Malley (Cleveland: World Publishing Company, 1950)

Atlas of Human Anatomy by Franz Frose, Max Broedel, Leon Schlossberg (New York: Barnes & Noble, 1970)

The Human Body in Health & Disease by Gary A. Thibodeau and Kevin T. Patton (St. Louis: Mosby Year Book, 1992)

10.5" x 10.5"
"Whether they are a reverie of sweet disorder or an elaborate staging of domestic theater, rooms decorated in the romantic style reflect a sheer exuberance for life." (p. 8)
"The naked niche--an inviting but odd architectural punctuation, concise and contained, gaping for attention. Should it be filled with putti, used to contain a bust? Fitting choices, perhaps, but predictable. Rather the poetry of this romantic little stage is brought to life when composed with the unexpected." (p. 38)
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human anatomy in the romantic style--vesalius