Frank Lloyd Wright's House Liberated

Books Ruined

Frank Lloyd Wright's House Beautiful by Diane Maddex (New York: William Morrow and Co., 2000)

Daumier: Liberated Women, Bluestockings and Socialists (by Francoise Parturier, catalogue and captions by Jacqueline Armingeat, trans. by Susan D. Resnick (New York: Vilo, Inc., 1982)

Doctors and Medicine in the Works of Daumier by Jean Adhemr (Tabard Press, 1989)

Honore Daumier: Mit 72 Abbildungen von Lithographien, Holzschnitten, Tuschzeichnungen by Fritz Stahl (Berlin: Rudolf Mosse Buchverlag, 1930)

La Vie et l'Art Romantiques. Daumier: Peintre et Lithographie by Raymond Eschollier (Paris: H. Floury, 1923)

9" x 11"
"It embalms for us in type the qualifications of our time"--Frank Lloyd Wright, 1896 (p. 41)
"The typical house of the era, he claimed, had 'an especially ugly hole to go in and come out of.'" (p. 67)
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