The Forbidden Springs of Joy

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The Springs of Joy by Tasha Tudor (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1979)

The Forbidden Erotica of Thomas Rowlandson, 1756-1827, Introduction and Text by Kurt von Meier (Los Angeles: The Hogarth Guild, 1970)

12" x 9.25"
"The Editor acknowledges the situation is treated with a license which, perhaps, may be held to verge on the inadmissible. It has been sufficiently difficult, in selecting these illustrations, to keep within the restrictions marked out by modern decorum, too chaste to endorse the broad jocularity which passed current half a century back. The mirth imported into Somerset House (where Rowlandson set the scene for 'Exhibition Stare Case') is not however, a licentious description; if the subject is treated with more freedom than is desirable, according to the luster ideas of our generation, at least its humours are innoxious and, we trust, guiltless of offense." (16)
"May it bring you as much happiness in perusing its pictures as it has given me in setting them down."
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