Floyd Clymer's eXtreme garden golf viXens

Floyd Clymer's eXtreme garden golf viXens--front cover
Books Ruined

The Garden: A Garden Alphabet, compiled by John Harris, alphabet drawn by David Coster, for the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Garden Exhibition (Gloucestershire: Octopus Books Limited, in association with Edgeworth Press, 1979)

Extreme Golf: unusual, fantastic and bizarre courses by Duncan Leonard (Naperville, Illinois: Sourcebooks, 2004)

Vixens of Vinyl by Benjamin Darling (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2001)

Standard Bible Story Readers, Book One by Lillie A. Faris (Cincinnati, Ohio: Standard Publishing Co., 1925)

Madam Red Apple by Mary Graham Bonner, pictures by Janet Laura Scott (Springfield, Massachusetts: Milton Bradley Co., 1929)

Golf: A Turn-of-the-Century Treasury by Mel Shapiro, Warren Dohn, Leonard Berger (Secaucus, NJ: Castle, a division of Book Sales Inc., 1986)

A Movement Approach to Acting by Nancy R. King (Englewod Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1981)

That Provoking Puppy (Springfield, Massachusetts: McLoughlin Brothers, 1926)

Floyd Clymer's Scrapbook of Early Advertising Art by Floyd Clymer (NY: Bonanza Books, 1955)

Complete Life Drawing Course by Diana Constance (NY: Sterling Publishing Co., 1991)

Portrayal/Betrayal by Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2012

The Art of Photographing the Model, text by Bron Kowal, featuring the photography of Peter Barry (NY: Crescent Books, 1984)

"The Storyteller: Reflections on the Works of Nikolai Leskov" by Walter Benjamin, Illuminations, ed. by Hannah Arendt, trans. by Harry Zohn (New York: Shocken Books, 1969)

10" x 12.25"
"It is, however, characteristic that not only a man's knowledge or wisdom, but above all his real life--and this is the stuff that stories are made of--first assumes transmissible form at the moment of his death." --Walter Benjamin
"Death is the sanction of everything that the storyteller can tell." --Walter Benjamin
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