The Art of the FAR OUT East

Books Ruined

The Art of the Far East: 16 Plates from the Work of Old Chinese and Japanese Masters, introduction by Rene Grousset (Berne, Switzerland: Iris Verlag, 1947)

Ultraviolet: 69 Blacklight Posters, introduction by Dan Donahue, ed. David Cashlon (NY: Abrams, 2009)

The Theatrical Prints of the Torii Masters: A Selection of Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Ukiyo-e by Howard A. Link (Honolulu: Honolulu Academy of Arts, Riccar Art Museum, 1977)

Discovery of Lost Worlds, ed. Joseph Thorndike, Jr. (NY: American Heritage Publishing Co., 1979)

A catalogue of traditional Japanese clothing

10.25" x 14"
"And wiser yet than our monkeys, who remain perhaps too human, here as a final example for our meditations are the plants sacred to Buddhism: above the troubled waters of the marshes, despite the winds of passion which ruffle the surface and vainly bend their stems, the great pink lotuses lift up their perfect chalices, which contain all the inspiration of the Blessed One." (10)
"Find man whose [blacklight posters] paint you a likeness, you have found a man worth something." (frontispiece)
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